Friday, February 6, 2009

what is postcrossing? is a network of postcard lovers, swappers and senders where you send to receive in return.

i joined this site 11 months ago and so far have received 68 postcards from all over the world. it is a wonderful feeling to receive stuff from someone you never met! the stamps are to die for too. the personal touch of their handwriting will be a collection of memories for you to keep.

you make friends with some. you swap cards with another human being from another place and that makes it so interesting!

this blog will be dedicated to my postcrossing experience. i will try my best to countdown each postcard as they come categorized by each country. i will type in their first name too. if i receive some stuffs worth mentioning, i will make an entry for it.

so hop on to and start your own memories.

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